Senta’s trip to SONEX in Jordan came to a successful conclusion!

Jordan International Solar Energy Exhibition (SONEX) is the largest and most influential solar industry event in the Near East. Jordan is the second largest solar market in the Middle East besides the UAE. 2023 exhibition attracted 80 exhibitors from many countries and regions and more than 18,000 professional visitors to the site.


Powering the Middle East

Jordan’s strong Middle East marketThe four-day event attracts solar industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. The show covered all aspects of the solar industry, including solar panels, modules, inverters and more. At this exhibition, we not only learned about the latest products and technologies in the solar industry, but also had in-depth exchanges with industry insiders and gained a deeper understanding of the development of the solar industry.

Exhibitors included solar panel manufacturers, module suppliers, inverter manufacturers, and energy storage system providers. In addition, the exhibition also attracted a large number of investment institutions and government delegations, providing an important cooperation platform for the solar and renewable energy market in the Middle East.

Helping the Middle East

Senta Exhibition Style On the show floor, the company’s PV table products were booked and purchased on-site, and other samples from Senta were given to local PV system exhibition centers as sample exhibits. After the exhibition, Senta representatives also visited companies with dominant position in the local market, had in-depth talks with customers, introduced the company’s products and business, and at the same time, had an in-depth understanding and analysis of the local market in Jordan. The trip to Jordan was very fruitful.

During the exhibition, Senta displayed a rich product line, including PV power generation series products, energy storage series products, PV module series, containerized power generation and energy storage products, PV intelligent assembly buildings, and many other products and specific project cases.

Senta’s energy storage products adopt lithium battery technology and “PV + energy storage” mode to meet different customer needs, and are widely used in household, industrial and commercial use and energy storage.

Photovoltaic module series is also one of the outstanding product lines, photovoltaic module is the core component of solar power generation system, Senta products with high efficiency conversion rate, excellent performance and very beautiful, won the trust and recognition of the majority of customers.

Containerized power generation and storage systems can be applied in many scenarios. They can provide reliable power support to the site, reduce the reliance on traditional generators, and lower the cost of energy, as well as reduce the impact on the environment. They can also be combined with smart microgrid systems to achieve more efficient energy management and utilization.

The photovoltaic smart assembly building solution, which incorporates the concept of renewable energy technologies into its design, enables the building to meet the functional needs of the building object as well as its energy needs, maximizing the use of renewable energy.

SENTA ENERGY’s participation in the Middle East Jordan International Solar Energy Exhibition (SONEX) has given us a deep understanding of the potential and opportunities in the solar industry. With the continuous advancement of technology and the growth of market demand, the solar industry will continue to maintain a rapid development trend. Meanwhile, Senta will continue to work hard and contribute to the realization of green and sustainable development together.

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